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Sid Barrett (死人・バレットShido Baretto?)
Voiced by: Susumu Akagi (drama CD), Masafumi Kimura (Japanese), Kent Williams (English)[citation needed]
A former DWMA teacher who was fatally stabbed in the head with a miniature Statue of Liberty and turned into a zombie by Franken Stein. His name is spelled with the kanji meaning "dead" (死shi?) and "person" (人do?), referring to the fact that he is undead. He often talks about "the kind of man [he] was" before he died, though he really hadn't changed apart from having blue skin, skull-like facial features, and a gaping hole in his forehead where he was stabbed. He carries out field missions for DWMA while paired with his weapon partner Naigus or the death scythe Azusa, and often takes the initiative to lead DWMA forces into battle. He was the one responsible for wiping out the Star Clan and taking in Black Star as an infant, becoming a surrogate father to him. As a zombie, he is proficient in burrowing underground to make sneak attacks or escape from enemies. He is also a three-star meister capable of fighting effectively with his tombstone alone.