Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese), Josh Grelle (English)[citation needed]
A spear meister and the partner of Harvar de Éclair, and an honors student at DWMA. His name is derived from the University of Oxford. He is a bookworm who takes his studies very seriously, but considers himself to be a great warrior in battle, calling himself the "Great General Lightning King." He is known for his shaved head, leaving two "pillars" of hair on the sides of his head, which he takes great pride in. In his earlier appearances, his head is not completely shaven, and his "horns" are shaped like lightning bolts. He has an open and mostly one-sided love for Kim Diehl, and is instrumental in persuading her to return to DWMA after she defects and is brainwashed into serving Arachnophobia, going as far as ripping out his hair to prove his loyalty to her. He then goes on to become a member of Spartoí. He currently seems to be in a relationship with Kim, and has grown a full head of hair at her request.
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