Mosquito (モスキートMosukīto?)
Voiced by: Takashi Inagaki (Japanese), Mark Stoddard (English)
Arachne's steward and most faithful servant, having managed Arachnophobia during her absence. He appears as a short old man with a long, pointed nose which, true to his name, can drain the blood of a victim to sustain his life and heal himself. He often gets into arguments and even fights with Giriko, who Mosquito hates for not showing Arachne enough respect. Having lived well over 800 years, his body is known to have taken different forms over time, and can transform into these past stages at will. While a number of these forms are bestial in appearance—his form 100 years prior has a massive upper body, while his form 200 years ago has a slender body—his most dangerous known form is that of a handsome young man with slicked back hair as he was 400 years prior, which can transform into a legion of bats. He is destroyed by Noah before he has the chance to unleash his ultimate form of 800 years prior. In the anime, he pilots Arachne's base in the form of a mecha.
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