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Justin Law (ジャスティン・ロウJasutin Rō?)
Voiced by: Yoshinori Fujita (Japanese), Eric Vale (English)
The Death Scythe in charge of Europe. He is the youngest student in DWMA history to become a Death Scythe, something which he achieved at the age of thirteen and without the aid of a partner. He dresses in the garb of a Catholic priest and is a devout servant of his god. He also constantly listens to techno music and lip reads and watches for hand signals to understand people. He travels by means of a dune buggy with a coffin on wheels connected to it. Though he initially seems to worship Shinigami, he eventually reveals to be working under Noah as an agent for Asura. His weapon form is a guillotine, and he fights by changing various body parts into parts of his weapon form. He can simply use blades, grab enemies with the headlock of the guillotine, and by praying to increase his soul wavelength, he can fire an energy attack called "Law Abiding Silver Gun".