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Harvar de Éclair (ハーバー・ド・エクレールHābā do Ekurēru?)
Voiced by: Wataru Hatano (Japanese), Scott Freeman (English)
A demon lightning spear and Ox Ford's weapon partner. He is named after Harvard University while his French surname translated means "the lightning". He is very stoic and intimidating even to his allies, and can be seen wearing a red visor covering his eyes. He wears his hair in a short ponytail, though he has a bowl cut in his earlier appearances. His devotion to his meister is absolute, and he is willing to attack anyone who would try to harm him, even if that person is an ally. For this reason, he indiscriminately stabs the brainwashed Kim Diehl in the chest after she does the same to Ox (which would have killed her if not for her regeneration powers, which he was unaware of), and gives Jacqueline an electric shock to snap her out of her own brainwashed state. He can turn his hand into a spear head and generate electrical charges even in his human form. He also possesses a high resistance to madness.