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Giriko (ギリコ?)
Voiced by: Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese), J. Michael Tatum (English)
A demon weapon and Enchanter who sides with anyone he feels will help him quell his insatiable bloodlust. He is introduced as an ally of Arachne, having created the first golem to hide her soul in 800 years in the past, and using his Enchanter powers to pass his memories down to his children for thirty generations under the name Saw (ソウ?) until Arachne's eventual return. Upon Arachne's defeat, Giriko joins forces with Noah and fights Maka to avenge Arachne, going as far as preparing a new body for himself specially made for this purpose. His old body is destroyed in the fight, forcing him to unleash his new body which, to his dismay, is female. Before he can kill Maka, Giriko meets his demise when his soul spontaneously ruptures, unable to contain the bloodlust he maintained for 800 years. In the anime, he is abandoned by Arachnophobia following Arachne's defeat.
Giriko's weapon form is a chainsaw, though he can produce a chain around his limbs to fight in his human form. His female body possesses three ponytails which can also transform into smaller chainsaws. As an Enchanter, he can create and control golems, which can also wield him in his weapon form. Giriko prefers not to fight with a meister, and hates DWMA for its ideals against killing innocent people. He is rivals with both Mosquito and Justin Law and tends to argue with them frequently.