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Eruka Frog (エルカ・フロッグEruka Furoggu?)
Voiced by: Misato Fukuen (Japanese), Kate Oxley (English)[citation needed]
A frog-like witch who is enslaved by Medusa after her body is infested with an unknown number of magical snakes that threaten to kill her. She carries out tasks for Medusa with the promise of having these snakes removed, one for each task she completes. She detests Medusa and desires to kill her, or at least witness her death, believing her plans threaten the existence of all witches. Cowardly in nature, Eruka can transform into a frog to escape from danger and spy on others. She can create tadpole-like bombs and keeps a giant tadpole named Otama Jackson as a pet and mount. The snakes in her body additionally grant her a telepathic link to Medusa. Keeping with her nature, Eruka frequently makes frog-like croaking sounds when she speaks