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Death and Death Scythes[]

Shinigami (死神?, Lord Death in the English anime)
Voiced by: Ryusuke Ōbayashi (drama CD), Rikiya Koyama (Japanese), John Swasey[1] (English)
The personification of Death, father of Death the Kid, and the founder and headmaster of Death Weapon Meister Academy. He is rather goofy in appearance, wearing a cartoonish skull mask and speaking with an odd, playful singsong tone. He behaves somewhat childishly, and is overall very friendly. He also possesses a pair of large white hands resemblingfoam hands which he uses to perform a technique called the "Shinigami Chop" ("Reaper Chop" in the English anime) mainly as a form of discipline for those who act out of hand. After defeating the kishin Asura, a former disciple of his, Lord Death bound his entire soul around Death City to keep Asura sealed underground. Unable to leave the city because of this, Lord Death founded DWMA to train meisters and weapons to prevent more kishin from surfacing and create Death Scythes to help him maintain the peace. He once had a more menacing and realistic appearance which ended up inadvertently scaring his younger students, prompting him to assume his current look. His current Death Scythe partner is Spirit, Maka's father, who he often finds annoying but is eager to use since he is the only Death Scythe who actually is a scythe. He prefers to remain in a special chamber in DWMA building called the "Death Room," which can be contacted through mirrors and other reflective surfaces by writing the number 42-42-564 on them (which, in Japanese, is pronounced as shi ni, shi ni, goroshi, or literally, "death, death, kill").