Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese), Brittney Karbowski[1] (English)
A ninja and the meister of Tsubaki. He is exceedingly arrogant and loud-mouthed for an assassin, preferring to make a big entrance rather than to sneak up on his opponents, and tries to upstage anyone who gains more attention than he does. He frequently calls himself a "big" man destined to surpass God, thus driving himself to his physical limits and making him one of the most athletic students at DWMA. He is a skilled combatant even without a weapon, and has the power to utilize a technique called "Black☆Star Big Wave" (黒☆星ビッグウェーブKoku☆sei Biggu Wēbu?) to attack opponents with his soul wavelength. He is the sole survivor of the Star Clan, a family of ninjas who slaughtered for wealth until they were wiped out by DWMA, which took him in as an infant. He is oppressed by anyone who recognizes the clan's symbol, a star-shaped tattoo on his shoulder. Due to his obsession for power, some believe he will eventually descend down the path towards a kishin like his father. In the manga, he becomes a member of the elite meister unit Spartoí at DWMA. In the anime, Black Star participates in the battle against Asura alongside Maka and Death the Kid. He gets along very well with Soul.
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